Meet Nalisha Patel

Nalisha Patel is the co-founder of the HealthMastery Group.

She is the author of several Health & Fitness books and has been featured as the wellness adviser in over 65 local & international magazines.

She’s a trusted health & fitness expert, consultant and coach to thousands of clients worldwide who have participated in her unique online fitness programs.

she is a qualified exercise physiologist with a double major degree in Psychology and Exercise Science. Combining the two aspects together, she has created cutting edge, research driven programs that deliver the results, long-term. She specializes in health, fitness, weight-loss, nutrition and psychology based techniques to encourage stick-ability to new habits.

Known as the 'Weight-loss MindSet' Guru, she brings over 10 years of experience to developing HealthMastery programs. Don't let her youthful looks fool you! She understands what its like to "Know" what to do to better ones health BUT have a hard time "Doing" what we know.

Battling with her own weight in her early-mid 20's and debilitating anxiety, Nalisha had to dig deeper to uncover intrinsic motivations and the latest research to find out what enables people to keep at the healthy habits they know they should be doing.


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Nalisha in the News & Media

  • Featured on the cover of Small Business Owner Magazine
  • Featured as the wellness expert Fitness Life Magazine
  • Featured in NEXT magazine
  • Featured in Womens Day Magazine
  • Contributer to New Zealand Fitness
  • Contributer to Her Business Magazine
  • Contributer to Her Magazine