AVOID ‘this food’ for a Flatter Belly

Foods high in sugar (most processed and packaged foods) can really do a number on the appearance of your body, weight and  skin.

Without getting too technical, sugar causes inflammation in your body and can cause your blood sugar to surge resulting in dull, blemished and wrinkly looking skin….and a possible bigger belly.

Reduce your load of sugary cakes, desserts, soft drinks/soda and cookies when out socializing (and at home) to ensure your body looks its best.

This one tip alone can dramatically change how you look…and feel.

Easier said than done right?!

Couple of tips for you:

Firstly, just be more aware of sugar (and its derivatives) that sneak its way into your diet.

Also Look at ways you can cut back and substitute sugary snacks/foods with healthier alternatives.

Instead of eating out so often, look at ways you can make low sugar treats and meals at home. By making meals yourself, you can ensure you don’t overdo the amount of sugar used.

Most recipes call for WAY too much sugar! Experiment and have fun making recipes with less sugar as possible, while still retaining the taste. It’s possible!

In time, your body will thank you with a Flatter Belly….and gorgeous skin and increased energy 🙂

By Nalisha Patel

Author of Flat Belly Kitchen – Advanced Nutrition Program for a Slim Sexy Belly


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